Light Wave Technology

When Urban Stems Co-Founder, Ajay Kori, had a vision for his next business venture, he partnered with Mobelux to bring the brand to light. Ajay had a unique problem to solve—he wanted to use light wave technology to bring relief to the 40 million migraine sufferers worldwide. Although the science and technology for his product were well under way, Ajay was in need of a brand identity and an e-commerce platform to market it on.

We applied the Allay brand to everything in sight, including the markings on the lamp itself.

Mobelux worked hand-in-hand with us to take Allay from an idea to reality in just a couple of months, doing everything from designing our brand assets and guidelines to developing our Shopify storefront.

Ajay Kori

Designing a Brand

In partnership with Dr. Rami Burnstein of the Harvard Brain Science Initiative, Ajay and his partners developed a portable lamp that featured a scientifically proven green light. The narrow bands emitted by the green light help to reduce the painful symptoms for individuals who suffer from migraines and light sensitivity. Offering a unique solution to a significant problem, Ajay and the team needed a brand to support the product that they had developed.

Mobelux collaborated with Ajay and his team to develop a visual identity. To do so, Mobelux needed a deep understanding of the science and technology behind the product and its target customer. Implementing design thinking methods, Mobelux completed the competitive brand analysis, market research, and development of a series of customer profiles.

We wanted Allay's logo to be bright, friendly, and round, just like the device.

Our figure illustrations help demonstrate what is possible in the soothing Allay glow.

Allay's new brand guide keeps track of their new brand assets and product packaging templates.

In addition to the logo representing the lamp's friendly green glow, Mobelux designed an illustration style to help Allay tell its story. Centered around a female figure, the style sports a gentle tone with calming colors to help customers learn the science and the Allay experience. This lamp was also illustrated in this style to carry over to the lamp's packaging and instructional materials.

Product packaging for the Allay Lamp features the "Burst" mark derived from the lamp's green glow.

Illustrations and icons help Allay's marketing materials really stand out.

Building an E-Commerce Site

With a brand in place, Mobelux began the process of designing and building a website that would serve as both a marketing and e-commerce vehicle for the Allay lamp. Mobelux selected Shopify as the platform due to its well established e-commerce technology. By customizing the Shopify templates, Mobelux was able to adapt the platform's design to tell the narrative of the Allay Lamp, highlighting the benefits, science, and technology of the product.

In a matter of weeks, Mobelux was able to design the web pages, build the website structure, and deploy the completed site. The website was ready to launch as the first shipments of the Allay Lamp arrived for market.

The homepage for the new e-commerce site includes a mix of illustration, photography, and branded elements.

We used illustration to show the comfort levels of different colored light.

The e-commerce experience, built on Shopify, is fully customized for Allay's brand.

The Mobelux team were incredible partners as we worked to quickly bring Dr. Burstein’s groundbreaking research to life as the Allay Lamp. Thanks, Mobelux!

Ajay Kori

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