Richmond natives and visitors alike recognize Ellwood Thompson’s as a leader in organic and locally sourced food and groceries. As a staple of the Richmond community since 1989, Ellwood Thompson’s discovered a sudden shift in their customers’ shopping behavior and needs as regulatory health & safety guidelines were instituted due to COVID-19.

Curbside pick-up has allowed us to offer groceries to our customers that are uncomfortable shopping indoors. If you're a retailer and thinking about curbside pick-up, don't hesitate. This service is here to stay. We plan on expanding curbside pick-up in the near future to include delivery.

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Response to Customer Behavior

Mobelux built Ellwood Thompson’s website on Shopify and accompanied it with a custom content management system. To adapt quickly to their customers' new shopping habits in response to COVID-19, Ellwood Thompson’s needed curbside pickup as a fulfillment option. Because we designed the solution to be flexible and adaptable, we were able to get them up and running fast.

Leveraging the Shopify Ecosystem

We were able to respond quickly, bringing curbside pickup online in just a few days by leveraging features available within the Shopify ecosystem and utilizing the backend CMS. Now, several months since the introduction of curbside pickup, Ellwood Thompson’s sees value in continuing to offer this service to their customers in support of the ongoing pandemic, the busy holiday shopping season, and the colder days of the year.

Supporting Retail Partners

Throughout 2020, Mobelux has supported our retail partners within the food and beverage industry as they adapt their digital products in response to new norms and customer expectations fueled by COVID-19. We’ve helped our clients take their menus online, recreate their marketing site as a retail commerce site, and have introduced delivery and curbside pickup options.

If you find your business in need of adaptation, we can provide market savvy solutions. Email us today at to get started!

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Bringing a New Brand to Market

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