We’re often highlighting the large scale projects that we design and execute for our national partners. But digital product development on a smaller scale can also have a big impact. Designing and building in a digital space lets us stay nimble, working rapidly to respond to a partner’s changing needs. Have a shift in your business strategy? Need to change your approach based on external circumstances? We can help! Read on to discover a recent example of how we’ve helped one of our partners adapt their digital footprint.

The site's event pages are completely customizable—ready to take on last minute changes.

The Live Stream

As one of the leading organizers of public events in downtown Richmond, our community partner Venture Richmond found themselves at a turning point as COVID-19 has prohibited large scale public events. As the fall season rolled in, anticipated events such as the 2nd Street Festival and the widely publicized Folk Festival needed a new approach. How could Venture Richmond extend these events to the public while adhering to the safety requirements of COVID-19? Mobelux knew the Venture Richmond website could be a source of opportunity.

Mobelux developed Venture Richmond’s current website as a static Gatsby site powered by a CMS (Content Management System). Sites powered by a CMS are flexible enough to keep its content current and relevant. As Venture Richmond began to reimagine the 2nd Street and Richmond Folk festivals, this website became critical for delivering live music to Richmond, and now, around the world.

Bringing Music to the Masses

In partnership with Venture Richmond, Mobelux developed a plan to stream live music from the website via embedded video players. The versatility of the CMS powering Venture Richmond’s website allowed for the quick creation of a new page dedicated to the 2nd Street Festival to embed the payers.

On its first day, the 2nd Street Festival had a viewership of over 2 million people, tuning in to live stream music from the Venture Richmond website. This represented approximately 30% of the event's total viewership—the rest was streamed across their social media channels.

With the flexibility of our CMS, the live stream was seamlessly embedded into the existing page.

Taking Events Virtual

Although many of our cultural norms look different these days, finding creative ways to bring people together is more important than ever. Instead of canceling your organization’s planned events, let us help you reimagine them. From conferences to music festivals, Mobelux can partner with you to find an impactfully creative way to deliver your content to its audience.

Rapid Digital Development

Mobelux drives towards solutions that align with your audience’s needs and serve your organizational goals. Our digital product development experience enables us to respond rapidly to the changing needs of the marketplace and its consumers. We pride ourselves on offering creative solutions for tough challenges, focusing on the expectations and needs of our partners and their customers.

Have a problem you need to solve? We can design and build the solution. Email us today at contact@mobelux.com.

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