Eat Your Vegetables

Even better - eat local, sustainably sourced vegetables.

Farmers' markets are an excellent option for scooping up fresh and local produce. Seasonal Roots brings the farmers market to your door with their “dirt to doorstep in 24 hours” method. They partner with local farmers utilizing sustainable farming practices to bring customers seasonal produce that is truly as fresh as it gets.

The Brand

Before Seasonal Roots adopted its current name and identity, it was known as Farm Table. They came to Mobelux looking for a new website for their business. Instead, they left with a new logo, brand, and site with a custom CMS and upgraded shopping features - ultimately receiving a whole new identity.

The breadth of updates made was robust and far exceeded a visual refresh. Moeblux offered visual upgrades for the brand in addition to strategic solutions surrounding how customers interact with the site and their shopping experience.

Displayed below is the versatile updated logo, new illustrations, a new icon suite, and Seasonal Roots photography captured and delivered by Mobelux. We had a heavy hand in every element of the new look and feel of Seasonal Roots.

Illustrations done by Mobelux for Seasonal Roots brand refresh and new site

Icon Suite done by Mobelux for Seasonal Roots brand refresh and new site

Box design by Mobelux for Seasonal Roots brand refresh

Photography done by Mobelux for Seasonal Roots brand refresh and new site

The Basket Builder

Shopping for groceries, especially for produce, is a highly individual process. Each customer has different needs regarding both quantity and types of food.

The initial model for purchasing food through the site was fixed and constrained. There was little variety in purchase options and no way to curate an individualized selection. We introduced new concepts for box selection and assembly, including options for customization, additional add-ons, and holiday bundles.

Implementing a “basket builder” was the key to a successful customization experience. To ensure this process was both instantaneous and smooth, we built it with React. React, a javascript based web application framework, allows us to create complex interfaces that can quickly handle significant and frequent data changes.

If a customer is editing their basket, and they want to swap their apples for oranges, they can quickly click to exchange the items and immediately see the result. Seasonal Roots has an extensive list of produce and add-on options, resulting in thousands of potential basket combinations. React allows the basket builder to update rapidly without interruption. No refresh needed!

The Content Management System (CMS)

Produce and other add-ons are the building blocks for the baskets. Seasonal Roots offers fresh, local, and sustainable food. Offerings range from carrots to pears to goat cheese and grass-fed beef. The availability of certain types of items over others is seasonal, and it isn’t always predictable. The ability to manage and edit the content on the site was an absolute requirement for Seasonal Roots, and it needed to happen in a setting catered to their specific needs.

We created a custom CMS catered to their workflow. Rather than constraining them to a fixed set of basic templates, we curated workflows based on the variety of content ranging from information on farmers to food transportation details, to the individual items used to build custom baskets. The CMS was built with their workflow needs in mind, helping them get their produce from dirt to doorstep in 24 hours!

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